Hello everyone,

This week's song is a bit different from the "Iamsadandfrustratedbecauseyouleftme" songs we've often posted so far grin .
It is about (and called)


and the special way it is shaped in this case.
You need to watch the video to see the beauty of it.
Nevertheless it's also on Soundcloud:
Glass / Soundcloud

Style: 80PBell.STY 80sMed.Pop w.BellPadSynth120S
Bass: 1162, Acoustic,CelticReelEv16 110
Synth: 2267, BellPad, Rythm 80sPopPads Ev085
Drums: Real Drums=NashBrushBalDbKEv16^1
Synth Pad: 1840 PopModernGrooveMellow Ev16 075
Synth: 1267 Synth Pad, PopShiningA-B Ev120
Synth: 2265, BellPad, RythmPopMelodic Ev85
Guitar: 542, Electric Rythm Dreamy Ev o85


Glass, wearing glass,
covering up, yet leaving bare
holding tight, not giving way
there's nothing else to do but stay

Ice, feels like ice,
constraining all that is inside
drop of water falling down
creating this enticing gown

Fragile body underneath
as naked as can be
makes the heart and soul
for everyone to see

Restraining jail, revealing veil,
tied up, tied down,
tickling sight, unbearable delight

Glass, wearing glass,
fragile cage and tender trap
kept inside, yet showing off
heading for a freeing step

Ice, feels like ice
beauty at a heavy price
keeps the body in its place
a cold and delicate embrace

Wondering what time will bring
hold captive or let go
leaving everything behind
and let the water flow

Don't move and stay
leave this dress no more
don't let... beauty fade away

Kind regards,
R & AM
We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.

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