Very nice stuff there. Exceedingly well done.

The topic is a difficult one. You wrote about it in a very compassionate way. Yes, children experience bad days, and lacking the proper perspective, as you pointed out, can easily forget that things will get better. Life always will get better.

Dark verses balanced by the hopeful chorus.....well done.

I listened to the other song that was linked..... tween pop.... I believe is what it's called. Not kids music and not teen pop.... tween pop....

Glad to see you have found a niche market to write music for. With the quality of your music and video production, there's no reason why this shouldn't be picked up by publishers for the European continent. This kind of music sells..... trust me, my wife and I bought and listened to lots of this tween pop music here in this house through the years having had 2 girls...... oh yeah....

Excellent job
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Add nothing that adds nothing to the music.

As the sword chooses the warrior, so too, the song chooses the writer.