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It's a bit like auto-tuning.

Ouch! The expression 'careful what you wish for' is coming to mind here grin
But I jest, and to pick out just that one line of your very thorough analysis is of course spectacularly unfair smile
The thing that got me started on this topic in the first place was that none of those things were done with any sort of conscious intention to change its overall mood or feel. If anything, I tried to retain the mood with some 'blue' touches to most of the triad chords, but I guess that only took things so far. Maybe that's the next place to go in discussions like this, i.e. how to intentionally do these things, in either direction wink
And then, if you look again at my other two (re)arrangements, I think it's safe to say that both of those retained the mood of the original. One was in minor key, the other in major, so obviously that in on itself wasn't the deciding factor (I think), So I had to wonder where those nuances lay.
Anyway, thank you for that valuable insight into the concept of 'what makes the mood of a piece', to which I myself could sadly only contribute so much. But it's been a delight - Cheers! cool
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