Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes I can wait years and the right lyrics never come, while other times they almost fall out on a walk with the dog, like this one. I had the title from Stella saying "so cute" all the time. Once my daughter gave me a list of her fave zoo animals (Pins the porcupine, Diablo the owl, Xena the llama, Paddy the baby gibbon, etc.), it was almost like a crossword puzzle fitting in the names. I got lucky with Paddy and daddy of course. I also tried to keep it simple -- um, except for hirsute smile.

Now I think I have found my target demographic - 2 year olds! At Stella's party, my ex-wife said, "this is great - you could have been Raffi!" Except there already IS a Raffi, and if I'm going to be someone else, I would go for a Paul (Simon or McCartney would be fine with me).

Thanks again,
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