Now that is quite a story. And the backstory of your school days was too.
Liked your arrangement and sound on it

Thanks for listening. My songs usually have a story attached altho' this was a bit different LOL.

Glad you enjoyed.

Alan and Di

First of all I have to wish Diane all the best for her recovery and I understand how hard it must be for you to be strong for her. Take care dear friend.

BTW, I (Alan) am of Welsh descent ... primarily Glamorgan (Cardiff and Swansea)and Cardiganshire (Tregaron). there werre a couple of strays from Pembrokeshire, too.

Well, well I live in Neath, a few miles from Swansea, but my mother's relatives went to Australia many many years back. Mum came back to the UK for the 2nd World War; met Dad and here I am!!

Thanks for listening!And your story!!!


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