Hi Dani!

Thanks for honoring my request for more music after your sailing adventure!

I am so glad to hear that you have found love again! I know the deep dark place you were in for such a long time, and it must be a great relief to be out of that pit.

I agree with other peoples' comment that the Burt Bacharach style is a good fit for you. The song is very nice and does a good job of expressing a wide range of emotions. My only observation is as follows:

Drawing the listeners mood from one very deeply felt negative emotion to a new deeply felt positive emotion within the span of a few minutes asks an awful lot of the listener's willingness to concentrate and really consider what you are saying. The willingness to project themselves into your emotion strongly affects how much they can be moved by the song.

Considering the possible ways to draw a listener in, I was reminded of a device that was used in the Wizard of Oz. Before Dorothy got to Oz, the film was in black and white... but in Oz, it was in technicolor! This simple change in video format implied differences very quickly and easily which would have taken many words to duplicate.

In a 3 minute song, there is no time to lyrically develop the idea that life is better in the 2nd half of the song. Taking the Wizard of Oz video idea and modifying it for audio, you could accomplish it very easily by making the first half of the song less decorated and very sparsely orchestrated. Then, when love appears, break out the violins and full blown orchestration!

But, I'm just rambling here, because being in the same situation as you, I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about how I would pursue a song like this. It's not the easiest kind of song to write, but you did it very well! I got sucked right into the vortex of the tornado. ;-)

Dani, your song provides hope for me too! Thanks!
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