Rob and Anne-Marie,

I want to rave about this song, but I just called the superlative bank, and they said I'm overdrawn. ;(

But seriously... didn't you two maniacs just post a mega-production?? How could have something this good ready so soon?

I must say, you have a real feel for writing compelling relationship-based pop-songs. ALL of your stuff sounds marketable to me. They're all so good I find myself wishing for a generic reply so I don't have to keep thinking up new ways to say what a good job you both do on these productions.

The particulars have already been stated very well... it's a great chord pattern, your harmonies are always PERFECT and the lyrics are especially interesting to me because they almost always have an appeal to both genders. Do you collaborate on lyrics? Each of you making slight changes in order to solidify the impact with your own gender? Or are you really that intuitive about how to say exactly the right things?