And I look every time I go to listen to Lucius. I've been away from pop music for maybe 15 years. So I was amazed to see a band that looked, arranged, composed, performed in a pretty unique way.

On youtube type Lucius KEXP full performance to see a very well recorded and filmed set of some very nicely done original music by a pretty young rock band. There is no dedicated bass player..... very little 2 and 4 but lots of amazing good grooves. It's time someone shook of that schackle. The two tunes that have it are very effective because we are presented with many other very good choices instead of the slavish dogma of 2 and 4 on every song.

Let's see....what else is not there how about no guitar solos in the middle of the songs, and only two short ones in the outro of two tunes. Great synth textures, superb vocals and 5 part harmony, well written songs with no sex violence or misogynistic crap. Band uniforms!! Poise and grace on ten, arrangements like you'd expect from conservatory trained, jazz program grads. The two girls and probably the band write and arrange the music. But someone's taste and education is showing all over the place.

Dynamics to die for usually only found in show bands or the Best R&B bands. Their set is a master class in the use of every possible music device there is to engage and hold the attention of an audience. I forgot motion, there is not a lot of standing around posing, four of the five members play parts of a drum kit often while soloing or singing or playing changes. It's nearly like Taiko Drums but with four breasts. Class and taste enough for a nation state of bands. That's a lot. Love to hear opinions ya or nay or about other groups this good.

Lastly I should add that I killed my tv in 83 so these guys very well might be old news to many of you. They did an album before they ever toured. I don't like any of it. But somebody must they are doing very well.


p.s. every note every chord every silence is there to serve the song. Notice how much space they leave for the music. Lyrics to match everything else.

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