The No Show Song

On of my students didn't show up for a lesson, I like these kind as I get paid even thought they didn't show up, so I had a few minutes to mess around with my guitar. I came up with this simple chord progression and lead line. When I got home I punched the chords into BiaB, transferred that to Sonar and put in the basic lead line. Then I worked on it until it became this.

The BiaB style is PopBrit 2 Guitars (120 RS). I deleted the bass, strings and guitar tracks. The piano/organ track is verbatim. I kept the B section of the drum track but replaced the A section with some GrooveMonkee MIDI grooves. Note both sections were slightly modified to better fit the song. Also note there are no RDs or RTs used; these are all MIDI.

I am playing the bass and lead guitar parts as well as my wind controller.

Let me know what you think of this simple jam.
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64 bit Win 10 Pro - the latest BiaB and RB - Roland Octa-Capture audio interface - a ton of software and some hardware.