Dear PG music community, this is a song inspired by a film, a particular scene in a film which I found very emotionally moving. Along with music, film is my favorite medium. When the two interact correctly (Cameron Crowe, Martin Scorsese), it can be emotionally orgasmic. I wrote this song after the film was out, decreasing my chances for placing it from 1/10,000,000 to zero (Oh well!). There are some issues with the mix (too bright, french horn too loud, strings too soft, too much reverb). Those are my clearest observations but I'd love to hear yours, and any other feedback you'd like to share. The piano is Liverpool piano, I will get the name of the bass, which I feel couldn't have worked better if played just for the track. Orchestra is a combo of East West Silver and Miroslav (changed formats in the middle of the song). Thanks for all your encouragement as of late. Take care. Greg

Scotch and cigarettes (George Valentin’s theme)

If anyone should ever ask. you can say you knew me when
My star was shining bright, the world was in my hands
My life was filled with wonder, every moment I embraced
Though I fell so far, I tried to fall with grace

But don’t shed no tears for me; It seems I made my choice
Every artist has his fate; I just never found my voice
But as my star was fading, in surrender to the night
You arose to shine a brighter light

Now I’m alone, on these long afternoons
And my days in the sun seem as distant as the moon
I wander the past, and I sift through my regrets
Through the filter of Scotch and cigarettes

Was there a sign I might have missed? Was it arrogance or pride?
Or how the artist must insist on being true to what’s inside
Or maybe it was destiny and I found my rightful place
Just to shed that light upon your face

Now I’m alone…