Pat ...

Good afternoon and thank you so much for the listen and those very kind comments. I had one specific goal when I posted this ... that was demonstrate to Brian Anderson what this fabulous program can do, with a little effort, in his favored genre. If it tweaked the smiles of the ears of others, then that's a real bonus, too!

These tracks came straight from BIAB to Audacity for conversion MP3 ... not one bit of enhancement other than what i was able to do with the BIAB mixer. All I did on Audacity was create the MP3 and gave it a proper volume for the stereo mix. That's it!

I liked the horn stabs, too ... and wished they were a little more common and a bit longer. But, they're Midi tracks from BIAB ... just regular old Midis. They play when and how they want ... can't do much to change them.

As far as a lyric ... that hadn't crossed me mind. Might look into it! I've written a few Jazz Vocals over the years and really enjoyed doing it. I can't post them here because they were created in a different software package. But there is one in particular on my Soundclick site I really like. I won't post a link since I used other software for it.

Thank you again. I find your reviews/critiques, an any song, not just ours, to be educational and they often open my head to some new ideas to play around with. You have an uncanny ability to dissect the individual elements of a song and give them a whole new definition and perspective. I've learned a lot by reading your comments on everyone's songs.

Best to you ...

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