Lollie 1

Hi all,

this time the vocals are made with Harmor from FL-Studio and Presets Lollievox.
That means I can’t use my own lyrics but am dependent on the text snippets they
So there is not much choice for lyrics in the future. But I was offered a special pricing.
And 19 € were worth it.
The samples are all sung on one note. The rhythm is given and inspires me for my own tune.
The voice follows the velocity and the pitch of a MIDI file. You only must find the starting points of the different words. Even harmonies are possible in one go.
It was a nice experience and a lot of fun experimenting with the resynthesized vocals.
I’ll try two or three other songs with it, then it will be exhausted.
For comparison I made a version with Vocaloid Avanna, but I don’t like that so much.
(If you are interested here it is:
The lyrics don’t make much sense. That’s life.

“They say you can fall in love eight times in a row oh no
Until you think you finally had enough
I awoke with this thought in my head
Live learn and don't look back”

RTs used:
RT464_ Bass, Acoustic, Bossa Ev 140
RT470_ Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Bossa Ev 140
RT2146_Sax, Alto, Soloist BossaPhil Ev 140 (Bluesy)

I hope you enjoy
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