It's been a while since I posted some real down home country twang so here's a fun little ditty I wrote a couple of days before Christmas. Here's the story behind the song if you're interested. giggle....

Hope you get a kick out of it. All RTs - RD Nashville Shuffle. Bass 540. Guitars 944,947,1707. Piano 2022. Organ 1560.

I Saw Elvis At The Quick Stop

It started out a routine run
to grab a case cause we was down to none
on a Saturday in the middle of June
I parked on the side in an empty spot
Trying to hurry it was getting hot
Didn't notice he was walking out when I was walking in
'til I almost ran right smack into him
looking up I grinned
looking up I grinned

I saw Elvis at the Quik stop
Like a deer in the headlights my jaw dropped
My knees almost hit the floor
He was holding that door and smiled hello
Oh I thought I might be dead
Still don't know what I said
But I was singing all shook up
on the drive back home

Jet black hair tossled from the wind
His teeth so white the store lights dimmed
So tall and tan in that light blue tee
All I could do was hem and haw
Fighting a powerful urge to run for my car
And follow him down the road but I ain't no freak
It's amazing how good looking one man could be
It happened to me
it happened to me

Now you don't have to believe it's true
It's not facebooked, tweeted, instagramed
or a video on youtube

repeat chorus and tag out.

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