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Janice Bud and Tom,

Hmmm you three are getting quite good grin
Great vocals and stellar guitar, as usual from Janice and Tom. And a lot of work I assume from Bud.

If only the side effects of prescription drugs were as delightful as this song then I would willing swallow the tabs I take. laugh

There are definitely no contraindications with 500 mgs of Janice and Bud; 500 mgs of Tom and 50 mls of BIAB. Guaranteed to make you happy!!


Hey Alyn, now that was a clever arrangement....of remarks! Thank you.


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Happy new year to you guys as well. Thanks for helping it get off to a very good note.

Glad you liked it Josie. Hope you have a great year.

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Geez...walk in a little late and all the accolades have been taken... Hey, Doc! can you refill my accolade prescription?!?!

Stellar. Awesome. Delightful. Gorgeous. Tasty. Beautiful.


The girl just gets better and better and better... how can that be????

Very clever write. Pro instrumentation and mix. Tasty lead - in all the perfect places.

Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.


Thank you so much! Reading those comments from somebody of your abilities is overwhelming. We are much flattered!

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Janice, Bud & Tom,

This is very cool - loved everything about it. Great work.


Thanks Bob!


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Ha Ha! All fabulous. Particularly love your phrasing Janice. Cheers.

Thanks for the phrasing comment!

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