This is my newest song... started writing it in the last few days of the old year... finished it up as of today. I was changing lyrics in it this morning.

It's an observation of life in this corner of the world. Recently, our small town (population 300) had the General Store close...owner retired. His grandfather opened the store in the early 1900's... and another of my customers is barely keeping the doors open. Down to one employee from about 10.

EDIT: Per some commentary, I have posted Version 2... minor changes to the song... EQ high end tamed a bit, and some words punched

Dust On The Floor

Lots of detail work in this project. Hope you enjoy it. Comments and crits are welcome.

Tracks in the song:

Bass 1423
Piano 2049 (2 tracks)
Acoustic Guitar 1 822
Acoustic Guitar 2 824
Electric Guitar 830
Mandolin 2043
Dobro 2116 (2 tracks)
Fiddle 2119 (2 tracks)
B3 689
Drums Nashville waltz
Vocals (5 tracks)

I was planning to add live acoustics to this but it would have been too full so I opted to leave them out and this is a 99.9% Real Track piece of work..... yeah, only the very last piano chord (F) was a Steinburg concert Grand. I needed it for a smooth artifact free natural fade.... I told you there was a lot of detail work in this.

The hardest thing was working with 3/4 tracks and then when I wanted to add the B3.... there were no 3/4 B3 tracks.... but I decided to simply render it anyway and it turned out OK....

Lots and lots of envelope nodes in this for editing and production....

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