I thought I commented on this song the day it was posted... I guess I got distracted and left before I hit the SUBMIT button... oh well... there's still time

1) Bud, you are the MASTER of the clean airy mix! just enough of everything, and it never sounds like you need something more to make it complete! You'll have to teach me that skill some day...

2) And the lyrics are really cleverly conceived!... not a completely original idea, but what is in blues? We've been addicted to love, hooked on a feeling, we've known girls who are a hard habit to break... and now we know how side effects of love might manifest. It basically leaves me feeling' like "I want me some dem side 'fecks!"

3) Tommy, apart from the rock solid delivery that has become your trade mark, what impresses me here is that it's not a regurgitation of the same licks you used in other projects. That's VERY easy to do when you're working with basically the same 3 chords for a couple of songs in a row.. but you have enough unique ideas that you don't need to reuse any! In this particular project I also like the way the drums and guitar mirror each other in the ending. That was cool, and its the epitome what rarely happens with real tracks alone. I also liked the echo and slight breakup in the guitar tone.. it created a very authentic period guitar sound.

4) Janice... you are such a pro! Everything you sing sounds so effortlessly perfect, even though you probably never record more than one take of anything! Whether you want to make income with your singing or just have fun with it, you seem equally well poised in both directions. I know you're having fun, and that makes me happy. I hope if you are interested in making money that an opportunity will come your way. And if not, I hope you continue having a blast casting your sultry spell on all of us here on the showcase!