To Make You Smile

My daughter Sarah wrote a poem for me when she was 10 years old and gave it to me for Father's Day. The poem looks at herself through my eyes and imagines moving together into the future. What amazing insight for a 10-year-old. The incredible thing is the foreshadowing in the stanza "As time goes by, you'll grow and you'll leave. As time goes by your own goals you'll achieve." She is now 22 and living in Stockholm.

I wrote music for her poem, recorded it with BIAB, and gave it back to her for Christmas 2014. This is the video version.

****** Song Summary *************
Title: To make you smile
File:To make you smile.SGU
Key=G , Tempo 80, Length (m:s)=3:36
No intro. 68 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 68. Repeat x1 chorus
No Melody
Soloist track has 716 notes, Soloist harmony is < no harmony >(0)
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Song is saved with bar changes for Tempo , Time signature,Volume Changes,

RealTracks in style: ~701:Bass, Electric, PopHalfNotesSync Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 1728:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopBalladJohn Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 1764:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Pop16thsA-B Ev16 085
RealTracks in song: 1856:Cello, Background PopCountry Ev 085
RealTracks in song: 1875:Mandolin, Soloist CountryAndy Ev 085
RealDrums: RealDrums in Style: NashvilleEven8^3-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, HiHat Open