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Janice & Bud,

You have several nice blues songs to choose from on your SoundCloud link. Keep 'em coming as I'm enjoying listening to them all.

Glad you found them Jim. We appreciate it.


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Hi Janice, Budd and Tommy,

Lovely song with great vocals (as usual).
Tommy's guitar sounds great. Lyrics... very original!

Rpb and Anne-Marie

Thank y'all. We appreciate you.


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Hi there Janice, Bud & Tom.

Hey, what's not to like here? A super smooth blues with clever lyrics, excellent choice of RTs and some really nice relaxed guitar work.

And then, of course, there's Janice. What can I say that I haven't said before? Janice, when you sing like that you send shivers down my back. Wonderful.

Great track, team.


A super big +1

I love the blues and this was top shelf, radio air play ready.

This is a keeper.

PS - it reminded me of the line "Do you know that tingling feeling you get when you meet your loved one for the first time? It is common sense leaving your body!"

That was funny....and thanks for the comments!

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