Hi Tonnie

Just checking out your audio gear and clarifying my thoughts. I realised I already had the Roland UM, but just curious about the UA-1X (now the UA-AEX) and Roland XV-5050. Do you find this makes a huge difference to the sound rather than using the line out from a laptop? I guess it does. I have an SD 20, but was hoping to use soft synths as it would be simpler (I guess I could use the midi sounds in the guitar synth). Also given that I plan to use Realtracks rather than midi tracks I might just use midi for controlling pathches. I guess something similar to the UA-1X would improve Realtracks as well. My Asus tablet only has one USB3 output (a real drag) that runs the hard drive, so I'm not too keen to have other modules using it. (I had to move the realtracks off the internal drive as they were so big.) It does seem like wave files might be much simpler. I guess they also need a good audio out. grin I've been putting everything through a mixer/amp into a little PA. Now I'm wondering if the bass sounds/drums on the realtracks will be too much (lol).

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