I wrote this song I Should Have Lied five years ago and it is still one my favorites. I really wanted to hear it sung by a real singer, so I hired again Christos from Supreme Tracks to do the vocals. His voice really fits the song.

Band-in-a-box does the great work yet again, that tenor sax is really beautiful. I had some troubles with #896 guitar playing Gm7b5 chord, sometimes it sounds like a discord to me, I couldn't fix it even in Melodyne, so the problem is probably between my ears :-) Maybe the bass sound could have had a little bit funkier edge, but I like how the RT #683 plays, so I left it there.

I made also a video for the song using mostly watery clips from my collection.

RealDrums: NashvillePop16
12 string acoustic guitar #896
Electric Bass PopHalfNotesPush #683
Electric Guitar Dire #509
Electric Guitar Arp #695
Acoustic Guitar Strumming #793
Cellos #1856, #2509
Acoustic Piano #811
Sax Tenor #587

MIDI Tracks: Strings from style CR_BETH through GPO

Mixed in Adobe Audition.

Words as the language of clues
so many of them left unsaid
buried under the hustle of life
but could have given a much tighter grip of
the life's mysterious thread.
Even a simple white lie
an intentional Freudian slip
throwing a match in a dry conversation,
burning my dreams or lighting a fire?
Something you wouldn't skip.

I should have lied to you
maybe it could have made you stay
I didn't love you I knew
but I could have learned it some day.
I should have lied to you
thrown you a breathtaking lure
that budding rookie in blue
never had guts to mature.

We used euphemisms
avoided uneasy grounds
we never looked the bull in the eye
we managed to sleep through the moment of youth
now the mistake rebounds.
I was a painter of skies
you were a migrating bird
the summer was over, prudence was poison
rivers ran wild but the lakeside was silent
not even a dishonest word.

I should have...

I should have...


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