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Hi Floyd,

again a masterpiece. Everything fits. (And there
are a lot of RTs that had to be puzzled together).
Very entertaining lyrics. I learned two new words
(cot and skill saw). And your vocals delivery
is spot on.
You see me toe tapping while I'm writing this.
Most enjoyable.


Guenter - I always appreciate your support - and the nice reviews... One does no see many cots anymore. We had them for camping when I was a kid. Skill saw, I believe comes from the brand name (Skil) much the way we refer to tissue as "Kleenex" ...

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floyd, Once again you have displayed clever wordsmithing. A very fun and enjoyable listen. Great editing . The mix sounds good and the vocal is on point. Anyone who has spent as much time as I have in pawnshops knows that there is much joy in discovering good deals and much sadness in the stories that surround them. Very interesting places indeed for a number of different reasons. Another keeper in your catalogue of good uns. Tom

Thanks, Tom... I went through a "pawnshop phase" - a buddy and I spent hours exploring - though seldom buying - we were broke - but always dreaming of that special items that everyone missed - that we could sell for a small fortune...

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I wish I'd known. I just bought the skill saw. You can use it anytime LOL.

Fun song, love the backgrounds and the nice breaks/kicks towards the end.

HA!, Patrick... hold on to that, I'll need it....