You know, I have to say that, if not for Band in a Box, this music wouldn't be possible. I absolutely love it. Okay, enough off-topic talk.
Fair Warning: The following is evangelical Christian music. So, if you are a Christian, this will cause a general feeling of Unfathomable Euphoria, and Open Worship. And if you're not a Christian, you will wish you were!
You've been forewarned.
And, if this music isn't your Style (see what I did there?), I have several new tracks to share. Just ask!
As for the Style used, I'll paste it here:
_FPBNTSW.STY 2 SwFgerpickGuitars wBand[120RS]
Brent Mason fingerpicking swing 8ths guitar w. older fingerpicking guitar, complement each other producing a warm, full sound. Pop swing el.bass & NashvilleSw8 RD. (El.Bass, Ac.Guitar, Ac.Guitar, Drums=NashvilleSwing8^2-SideStck,Ride)

With that, I added:
Soloist: ~1112:Fiddle, Background CountrySwing Sw 110
Melody: ~950:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryBoogieA-B Sw 110

After generating it a couple of times until I liked the results, I exported each part to separate WAV files, and imported them into Cakewalk Music Creator 5, where I mixed them with my single vocal. I only had to do a little volume automation with the RB tracks. In this case, it all worked out wonderfully.
It's very Southern Gospel, which isn't representative of most of the songs I've written over the years. Still, I absolutely love what Real Band has done with it. That violin solo really stirs me!
Thanks so much, PG Music!
The MP3 is posted at Google Drive:
Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it.
Richard Allan Stauch