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The more I hear this, the more I like it. I can relate to the pawn shop. grin




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Well, as we say down in South Georgia (USA that is)
"That's stronger than a garlic milkshake!"

When you suggested that "every songwriter
oughta have one" I knew we were in for a treat.
Why, 'cause I knew good and well that if you
took on a theme like that it would be fresh
and inventive. And no disappointments
emerged. Great vocal, great RT's, great
arrangement and mix indeed; but, what we
can't get over is how much powerhouse writing
is packed into this one song. We'd be excited
to conjure up a third of that quality for one
endeavor. If my writing head was that fertile
I'd never stop.

Aw right crank up the broken record "this oughta
be what we hear on country radio. Period


Y'all are too nice. Hat...won't...fit...