Hi everyone,

Our new song:

Junior Prom

A song inspired by the high school movies and music of the 80s.
A big thanks to Frank (Seeker) for his cool Clean Tele 50s UserTrack!
The video was created in MoviePlus X5

Song specifics:
UserTrack: Guitar Electric Clean Tele 50s Country Blues Rhythm (Seeker's)
RTs: 2305:Synth, Background DanceRockTensionPad Ev 120, 2304:Synth, Rhythm DanceRockKoto Ev 120, 2273:Synth, Rhythm DiscoDigiBell Ev 120
RealDrums: Soul70sEv16^1-a:ClsdHHtSn, b:BusyBss
Additional Synth: Z3ta+
Voice oohs and backing vocal: Anne-Marie
Guitar solos: Rob


Junior Prom

all the guys will wait
for the one with the laughter
every boy would show her the way

remember them, remember me
the ones not really there
all the guys would give her their name

but once the fear's away
things will change, things will change
love will sure get better in the end

all the boys that wait
dream of love, dream of glory
they watch the girls go by with a smile

imagining her faithful kiss
lasting all night long
gentle love could never be wrong

and once they'd find their way
things would change, things would change
life could not get better in their eyes

all the girls that crave
for the love ever after
afraid of giving in to the spell

they know the signs, they play the game
they never go too far
all the girls give in just the same

and once their caution's gone
life will change, life will change
feel a sense of magic in the air
but when dreams get in the way
things could change, things could change
promised love feels better in the end
We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.