I just haven't been using BIAB too much lately, but I need to start getting back into it again -- it is so wonderful.

I have used it on a couple of tunes so far this 50/90, though, and here is the first one. I used lyrics from wyatt (altered only slightly here and there) and added music. He wanted bluegrass, but I went slightly more celtic with a nod to Van Morrison in the outro. A few guitar boo-boos here and there -- that's how you know it's me!


Wild Appalachian Woman --- (alternate dropbox location here)
© Wyatt/Emmrich 2015

Been too long gone from the mountains
Too long gone from the hills
In all my time in the flatlands
Haven't heard a single whippoorwill

don’t get along with city women
They're always puttin' on airs
need a high country woman
Maybe with a wild rose in her hair

Want a wild Appalachian woman
One who doesn’t care for those city ways
They don't play tricks
What you see is what you get
An Appalachian woman
Is what I need

There was a girl back home named Lily
I wonder if she lives there still
going back to try and find her
Gonna marry that girl if she will

(Chorus again)

Kevin: guitar, ukulele, vocals
BIAB: guitar (1164), bass (1162), percussion (BodhranCelticReel^1-a,b:WoodSimple )
Now at bandcamp: Crows Say Vee-Eh @ bandcamp or soundcloud: Kevin @ soundcloud