185 years ago, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, to facilitate the confiscation of Native American territories. This forced relocation became known as the Trail Of Tears. A friend of ours' great-grandfather was on the Trail. This is dedicated to him, and to the Cherokee Nation.



Trail Of Tears
©2015 Robert Randall Burke

Long ago and far away
I have heard the old folks say
Was a dark and bitter day
That echoes through the years
Ol' Hickory swore to clear the land
Of every single Indian band
So he sent them down The Trail Of Tears.

All the Creek and Cherokee
Seminole and Muskogee
Choctaw and Chickasaw
Driven from their land
Osceola stood his ground
They could never run him down
Till his flag of truce
Lay in the sand.

A thousand miles of dust and pain
You'll never see your home again
This is the sum of all your fears
Nations that were proud and free
On the Trail Of Tears.

The white man called them “Civilized”
Sold them on a pack of lies
White man's smile, a thin disguise
After all these years
Take your children by the hand
And make them understand
So they'll remember
The Trail Of Tears.



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