Soulless Confrontation (9-12-2015)

Soulless Confrontation (9-12-2015)

Half a sandwich in your left hand/ half a pickle in your right
That guitar in your lap man/ we’ve been at this thing all night
You know you lied when you said/”just an in and out”
Let’s put this damn thing to bed/ before it turns to doubt

The smudges on your window/ your smoky chandelier
The dull glow and the shadow/ like no one’s living here
There’s meaning in your movement/ there’s downhill in your stride
There’s room for some improvement/ obstruction in your pride

And you’re all: quiet conversation, moody celebration, Soulless Confrontation

You claim this is your college / it plays more like free-style
I claim no secrete knowledge/ but this might take awhile
You say let’s groove until dawn/ you can’t escape your ghost
I say I want to move on / maybe get out to the coast

And you’re all: groovy modulation, jazzy inspiration, Soulless Confrontation
Arrested maturation, peculiar occupation, Soulless Confrontation

Except for the melody, the key change at the solo and the intro which I wrote last, this is the first song I've written almost entirely in Band In A Box from the beginning. I had an idea of the direction I wanted to go in. For the intro and key change I used my guitar to assist my limited knowledge of theory.

Realtracks: Drums JassFunkGrovin; Bass 1433; Elc piano 1437; Elc Gtr 1435; Horns 2110; Soloist Alto Sax 1441

All of the Realtracks are unedited. I must say Band In A Box is awesome.

I've been studying mixing on Youtube a lot lately for clarity of mix. My references are "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" by Lucinda Williams and "Aja" by Steely Dan.

Musically I was going for that funky Steely Dan vibe. I also wanted to mimic their cryptic lyrical approach. It does tell a story from my life but not explicitly. As it's funky, and soulful I thought the title would hold the proper irony.

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