I opened my mail to find a BMI royalty statement with a check from airplay of one of my songs in a number of TV shows and films. At first I thought several songs were involved but it does appear that all this was from one song in particular.

I remember writing this in a group of several other similar styled songs. It was not, and still isn't one of my favorites in that group, however, apparently, what do I know?

This is the song that was used by film & TV

While the sun shines

Here's the details as I can best determine them. There was one song that was used. It was used, however, in at least 4 different places.

2 Canadian documentary style shows that aired on the HISTORY CHANNEL and also on the H2 channel. The shows are:
10 things you didn't know about civil rights .....and 10 things you didn't know about Texas.

These 2 shows placed over 30 cues between them.

The other shows were on the REELZCHANNEL in the following shows:
Beverly Hills Pawn and Hollywood Hillbillies with 30+ cues between them and in 3 episodes of Hillbillies. Close to 70 total cues placed in these shows.

The cues generated anywhere from 4 cents per play up to $7.63 per cue depending on the length of time the song was played in the show. 60 cents came from Canada and 6 cents from the UK.... go figure....

The song is 100% Real Band tracks mixed in Sonar.

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