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I'm just getting to know you Tom and I like what I hear. Great production on all aspects. Some do not like the vocals in your face but I certainly do and that is the first thing that I liked about your song.
The only thing that I would like to hear is more of the harmony voice.
Hey Sonny, Thanks for the nice comments. The harmony is intentionally kept at a low volume. The new country stuff on the radio these days has the harmonies just peeking out as opposed to a full blown Eagles background. I guess it has rubbed off on me. Just a personal preference. Tom
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How life shapes us. Just perfect.
Rob, That is a great comment. Thanks, Tom
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Delightful Tom. Brings back good feelings to me.
Beautifully done. Maybe a bit Tom T Hall. Excellent harmonies. Cheers.
Richard, Glad you liked it. Tom