Hi all,

When I started to make music with BIAB and some kids in 2013, they were 8-9 years old.

Now, the kids are 12-14 and – believe me - they are no longer sweet little girls… wink

Our new song is a birthday song of a different kind. I wrote down the lyrics as best I could. Many turns of the German language are not to translatable, but I hope you have as much fun as we had
The “statistics”:

METALTR.STY. Metall Power Trio 80-180, 165 Bpm
389:Bass, El, Metal Ev165
2264:PianoAk,80sBubblegumPop Ev
392:Git,El,Rhythmus Metal Ev165
660:Git,El,Ry,TxRkCrisp Sw140
586:Harmonkia,B,Bl Roadhse Ev120
MetalEv^1-a:Snare, Sloppy HiHat , b:Snare, Bell Ride

I changed the drums in the DAW (Reaper) by using Toontrack

The song starts at 1:00, the intro is just the description of an ugly birthday-party in a 1970's location. I think, everybody will understand what's going on there, until the girls of High Five will appear....

The Video:


The lyrics

Because it’s you

You're so hip
you are so popular today
today is a great day
because you have a cake

You forgot to invite us
so we did it by ourselves
no problem, we're not angry
and we brought the party with us

Because it's you because you're here
who eats just today a cake
we move up with plates,
now share your cake with us

The guests who are with you today,
we’ll put them into the storeroom
we take care of them, my child
they won’t bother our party

We love you, we love you
so relax, you cute mouse
the world would be a crap without you
so open your gifts now

Because it's you because you're there
with which you can forget the world
we sing a song for you
and it sounds really horrible

Have fun

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