There's Evil In You Chillun
BTW, for our international friends “chillun” is Deep South USA for children smile

Janice and I left our bluegrass band in 2003 and for nearly 10 years we rarely picked up our instruments or recorded. Since we had both retired in 1999 we had more things we were interested in than gigging (mountain biking, hiking and kayaking). But we continued to listen to music of many genres over the years. Three years ago I stumbled into BiaB after buying an iMac, noodling around with Garageband that came on it and getting interested in its recording capabilities. That (and some googling) lead me to PGMusic.

BiaB offered us a chance to ease back into making music and explore new genres. Our first posts here on the User Forum in 2012 were rehashes of our bluegrass writes. A public domain tune, Evil Chillun, was our first real venture away from bluegrass into another genre — Western Swing for that tune. And, the response it received (three years ago this month) on this forum was what put us on the Americana journey that we continue to travel.

I recently revisited the song and decided to reconstruct it with the original vocal track. Hopefully I’ve learned a bit more about the use of Biab, mixing and mastering over the last three years.

Evil Chillun is from the very early Western Swing tune period when a “sock rhythm” acoustic guitar and/or mandolin provided a lot of the upbeat on top of a minimalist drum kit. Also it was typical that the upcoming soloist would play pretty hot under the vocalist leading up to the solo. We tried to incorporate all of this.

So….here’s the new version. And many thanks to PGMusic and this great community for putting us on this three year adventure and for all of the support. Pardon the ramble and your time to listen is always appreciated!

Dedicated to the memory of our best friend and mentor RANDY HOWARD 12 time National Fiddle Champion and much, much more. He tore this stuff up. RIP.


Drums: Nashville 8th’s SW
Bass: RT 445
Guitar Rhythm: RT 1028
Mandolin Rhythm: RT 599
Mandolin Solo: RT 1862 (comped from multiple regens)
Fiddle Rhythm: RT 1296
Fiddle Solo: RT 1871 (comped from multiple regens)
Piano Rhythm: RT 1993
Piano Solo: RT 1865 (comped from multiple regens)

Effects/Mastering: Nectar 2 and Ozone 6

Vocal: Janice
Arrangement, mixing/mastering: Bud

There’s Evil In You Chillun
Creative Commons - Public Domain (link no longer valid)

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