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This is a great song Tommy. You have such a professional studio sound to all of your recordings (care to share? lol). Fantastic steel, guitar solo, lyrics and vocals. I enjoyed this a lot!
Thanks, Sonny. The real tracks sit really well into this mix of song construction loops and multitrack song files. A lot of the credit goes to how well the loops were recorded in the first place. On the mastering stage I have been recently using the waves plug-in. LinMB as the last thing after Ozone6 on the final output stereo track. Here is a link to an overview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Kql3eqcbk Thanks again, glad you liked it. Tom
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Your writing steps up one more bar with each new song. This is...perfect.

Your singing gets better with each song... you've really hit your stride there...

The steel playing is pro (perfect).

The Tele sounds outrageous!!!! Nice picking!

Those drums sound great! Your production is ...well.. Perfect.

Mix. Perfect.

I've listened a dozen times so far.. What a great hook!



floyd, I could say that is the Perfect review, but then that would be silly! Thanks, I am deeply grateful for all your support. Tom