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"You have such a professional studio sound to all of your recordings "
Yeah, and really really clever lyrics! Perfection...and I'm not even really much of a country fan. But, tunes like the Stones "Dead Flowers", et al, have opened my spectrum a bit, and I know good music when I hear it. This is good music.
Eric, Thanks much and thanks for commenting on my other song. I won't reply to that one. Just let it drop off the page. But know I appreciate you coming by. Tom
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What a brilliant piece of writing and a really clear professional mix with great picking as I have come to expect.

Time and time again we hear how did you two meet

it wasn’t through Match dot com or reading someones tweet

we’ve given up we've had enough our hands are in the air

We’re a perfect match and an unlikely pair

Wonderful words from the days when people actually had to meet to talk grin

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas break
All the best

Alyn, thanks for the kind words. Although not that long ago those days seem like a different world. Merry Christmas to you! Tom