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This is a great song Tommy. You have such a professional studio sound to all of your recordings (care to share? lol). Fantastic steel, guitar solo, lyrics and vocals. I enjoyed this a lot!

We definitely agree!
And on top of that great guitar work, we love the pedal!
RnAM, Thanks for the nice words and ongoing support. Tom
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Now that is HOT!!!

Really nice work. Love the "Tele tone" on that song. Nothing over the top but all things in their proper place and not exceeding the levels of tasty licks.... and that combination takes the entire song totally over the top in a really good way!!!!!

You are on a roll with your writing.... I love the fact that you brought this super song in at under 3 minutes with time to spare. That's a lost art in song writing. Lots of energy and a good topic.

Loved it
Herb, The tele is A Fender special run Baja in Vegas Gold Sparkle. I never thought that I would like the finish but it is a bad boy. Custom Shop Amer P/u's, Glossy thick neck, Brass vintage saddles, 4 way switch with S-1switching. I like it better than the Am Std at half the price. Thanks for the great comments. Tom
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Forgive my ignorance but "In the multitrack drum loops for each song or style, there are usually about 50 loops, intros, outros, verses, choruses,bridges, fills, so it is very easy to construct a full song with custom drums and have them in 7 piece multitrack form."

Are these files you're referencing BIAB loops and files or are they third party product?

Does " 7 piece multitrack form." meaning each drum,hi-hat, tom occupy an individual track in RB or another DAW or a drum kit mixed to an individual stereo file on a single track in BIAB?

My understanding of loops is ... well ... a misunderstanding. frown
Charlie, The drums are individual tracks for each one, Kick, snare,hat,etc. They are from Drums on Demand. I want to emphasize that the writing takes place in Biab, and the real tracks put it over the top with how well they fit into the final mix. Loops are great ,but Biab is much greater!