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Really nice and nicely innovative too. I really enjoyed this one a lot.

Many thanks, Charlie. Glad you enjoyed it.

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WOW! What a sound!

I'm listening to the intro at the moment - it's great! Now that I'm further into the song, the arrangement is awesome. You really know how to produce an amazing sound! I really like the effect of the vocoder. I listened without the lyrics in front of me (I always like to do that first). My only criticism is that because of the effect, I couldn't understand some of words. That didn't detract from my being captivated by an incredible production, though. I simply pass the thought on in case it's useful.

I'd love to be able to get a sound like what I've just heard! It's fantastic! There's no two ways about it, you're a blackbelt writer/arranger/producer!

All the best,

Thanks very much, Noel. The vocoder does tend to make the lyrics indistinct - it's one of the downsides of using it. I tend to just think of the voice as an instrument when I'm using that much effect. Thanks again for all the nice comments.

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What a great vibe ROG!! I love that sound. The musical transition from the verse to the chorus is beautiful. This reminds me of some retro British bands (Camel for one) and has some elements of newer retro inspired ones like Snow Patrol or Coldplay. Really nice stuff! Loved it!! Take care. Greg

I can certainly live with those comparisons, Greg. Many thanks for the listen.

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What can we say....
Great groove, professional and very cool use of the vocoder.
We love those strings arpeggios.
And the sax solo sounds great.
One of your best we think!
(Also makes us think of Alan Parsons)

You're too kind! Alan Parsons is someone I really respect. Many thanks.

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Yes, you've sure delivered with this one.

Great driving beat, the backing tune is remarkable.

Vocals: you nailed them throughout.

The arrangement is solid from the first note to the last.

Can't say enough good things about this.


Hi Trevor. Many thanks for listening and for all the kind words.

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Incredible track! I enjoyed this very much. I really like what you did to create such an awesome sound. Good writing and vocals. Great job!

Hi Sonny. Thanks for the listen and for the positive review. Cheers.