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Hi Alyn.


A sort of acoustic love song in the punk style, if that makes sense?

Perhaps it's just the inimitable Alyn style.

It would have been good with just voice and guitar, but the BVs take it to another level.

A good start to the weekend. Have a good one yourself, my old Welsh pal.


Yes it does make sense!

And the harmonies? Wow -- just amazing.

A signature style is a helluva asset for a musician
and you have it in spades.

Great production and we much enjoyed the spin.


Wow blush blush thank you so much
A signature style is something I have always craved so I am humbled that you two think I have one. If only I could sing like Janice grin

Thanks for listening and I hope you both have a good Christmas, I look forward to your next masterpiece

All the best

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