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This is absolutely fantastic and radio ready IMHO.

Perfect from start to finish with great vocals, sax solo, backing tracks, lyrics and harmonies all mixed perfectly.

This is a keeper.

Many thanks, Mario. Reviews like that make it all worthwhile!

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Hi Rog ...

It doesn't any more professional than this. We're not familiar with the vocoder but the effects on the vocals is stunning! The variance between verses and chorus is very prevalent and exciting.

The background reminded us of some of the Carpenters' recordings. ... but with a contemporary touch. That was a gorgeous listen! What talent!

Alan & Di

Hi Alan & Di. Thanks for the listen and the review. Vocoders are great fun if you don't over-use them. Everyone knows the talking-synth sound, but they're much more versatile than that when you get to understand them. Thanks again,

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great stuff ROG, impeccable on all fronts.
A great 80's vibe, fade to grey springs to mind

I played piano in a band and used to echo the guitarist's phrases, and he mine, and we developed a competition to see if we could play something the other could not. Ever heard an octave whammy drop on a piano LOL. I played a M Audio keyboard midi controller so that was possible, once set up.
back to your song

Thoroughly enjoyed as usual
You sure know your way around Power Tracks
Happy Christmas to all


Hi Alyn. Thanks for the kind words. I owe a lot to your inventiveness for making me try to be original in my own way. Cheers.

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Hi Rog. I like it very much! It certainly ads a certain flow to the vocals. I am really enjoying my Sunday morning listen to all these songs. Good job!

Hi Josie. Glad you liked it, many thanks.