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ROG, This is going to require multiple listens. There are a whole bunch of nice little touches sprinkled throughout here and there. Great sound overall. A really well produced, well sung and well played track. Congrats on a marvelous song! Tom

Many thanks, Tom. Always value a review from you.

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You've out-done yourself on this one.

This has "radio!" written all over it... a true "hit sound".

The production is so good, I think people are missing how well written the song is! That is an accomplishment.

Your best. Loved it!



Ah Floyd, you're too kind. Many thanks for all the nice comments.

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Very cool intro. Here a little Moody Blues in there. Well done

Thanks, Scott. Moody Blues? I can certainly live with that!

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hi rog excellent production everything well done very clear mix had to listen again thanks for sharing eric

Hi Eric. Many thanks for the listen and the review.

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Thanks, Peter. A very welcome review.

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Really a nice song! I enjoyed the vocoder use.


Thanks, Sergio. Pleased that you liked it.