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Nice song. There are textures in there of ELO. Lots of synths, which is something we don't normally hear in the BB/RB compositions. They worked well.

I'm with Noel96 on this regarding the vocals. I found the vocals hard to understand mostly because, at first appearance, the levels on the vox are way too low. They're hiding in the mix just a bit too much.

Cool song, good production, there's a lot to like here in this mix.

Hi Herb.
I'm sure I've replied to you once, but I can't find it now, so think I must have missed hitting the submit button. Anyway, many thanks for the review. The vox levels are low, basically because my 1980s hardware Syntovox vocoder makes them rather unintelligible, so I mix them in as another instrument, rather than up-front. Maybe modern software vocoders are better, but I keep using the Syntovox as long as it keeps working because it has a certain vibe.