I had created the song called "Father of Love" with a friend of mine. A while back I decided to re-create this wonderful song in "Band in a Box" I hired a person to get the exact chord structure because my chord knowledge is very limited, and I can't decipher what chords are what, so I hired another band in a box form member to do this for me that is a musician and great guy. I am not sure if he wants me to mention his name so I won't right now, unless it is ok with him. So anyhow he put the chords together from the original song and this is what we came up with. I edited it and put my own flavor of instruments in the mix. Here is the like to my song called "Father of Love" I hope you enjoy. If you would like to know the instrumentation I will get it and post it. I just pasted this song back on YouTube, so without further adue here is the link to "Father of Love" Father of Love Written by me and a friend. And for those of you who did not hear the other version of this song it is right here. I am letting you hear this version because you can make a comparison. This version is shorter than the first original. The very first original is over 7:00 long, I shortened it up for YouTube though. This one comes from the final mix. As I said earlier I could not find the master to it so I just used the original mix down to get what I have posted on YouTube Here is the link... Fathe of Love from the original mixdown.

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