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Beautiful. Outstanding song and production. Great vocals Janice.

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really nice work.

There's been a few really good songs here recently and this is one of them.

Tasty licks on the guitar.

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Hey boys,
this is a superb song, the best I've heard since I'm on the forum!

Great sound and melodic and great vocals.
Excellent reals tracks

Very great job


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Tom & Janice
Everything about that was top notch.
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Tommy & Janice

What a great production.

Superb vocals from the entire team here. A really beautiful song, sensational lyrics.

Great listen for sure.

Very enjoyable. Any more?

Thanks y'all! Tom gifted me with this one. I had a wonderful track to sing to and a nice melody/lyric to work with. Well, work is the wrong word since it was fun!