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Tom -

There is so much good stuff here. holy cow! (you can substitute stronger stuff there).

The opening is stellar. (Did you play the strum?). That "flute guitar" is gorgeous. The "drop" to make room for the vocal is executed perfectly (that is never easy to get just right). Great build.

Great job of building the drum track. Bringing the flute back was a nice touch.

Perfect arrangement.

Janice - you have never sounded more like a star than you do on this song. holy cow! One of your best - among dozens of bests...

Tom, your harmony on this is a true standout, as well. Like Vince Gill behind Brandy Clark. John David Souther behind Linda Rondstat. The kind that you get so hung up on the you forget to listen to anything else going on. So you have to rewind...

But wait..

"I don't want your heart to feel anything like mine" - great line.

"it’s been so cloudy I can’t find my lucky star
No I won’t get my wish tonight"
....That's a why-didn't-I-think-of-that? line.

"Well You can accept the fact it was meant to be
Or keep on looking at the stars And end up just like me"
..... Great song development.

Top-tier write. I used to get to hear a lot of songs performed (by the writers) before they got to radio. And a lot more that were every bit as good as that - they can't all get there. Now and again, you'd hear one that you just KNOW would get there. This sounds like one of those.

floyd, Thanks so much for your continued strong support. Janice did a standout job on this. We appreciate your comments. Tom
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Another awesome collaboration Tom and Janice. Well done.
Thanks Scott!
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Truly a great collab!
Beautiful lyrics, super professional arrangement.
Janice: we particularly like your vocal here, it has sort of a modest/country feel to it. Beautiful!
Backing vocals by the way are great.
RnAM, Thanks for giving it a spin and the wonderful comments. Tom