Video Track: I’m using BIAB 2016. I’ve got the chord fonts adjusted just fine. I think it was your postings that helped get that adjusted. It’s the size of the bar lyrics that’s the problem. I haven’t figured out if they can be increased in size, made bold, or whatever. I can change the color, but not the height of the horizontal box they appear in. Maybe it’s there and I’ve not found it as yet. I agree with others on the comments about the need for high quality speakers with BIAB. Like others, I’ve been through Peavey, Mackie, EV, and a host others over the years. Bose has worked out best for me. I really liked the larger L1 model; but, it just got too heavy for this senior player. So, I sold it and went with two Bose Compacts. They fit my needs better; but, the Compact doesn’t sound as good as the larger model. Guess we have to live with trade-offs. Some of the arranger keyboard players are singing the praises of the latest Maui 5 speaker system. It’s less costly than the Bose and some say it sounds better, with more features.