Hi, friends !

Don´t sure what made me write
this country tune, but most likely
it happened because I wanted to
express my gratitude for my ladypartner
Li, whom I love and whom I hope will
walk with me the rest of my days !

Style: CNTRYSH.STY Country Shuffle w Piano

Bass: 539 el, pop, sw 120
Piano: 2048 AC Piano Country Swing
Drums = Realdrums Country Shuffle
Guitar 1: 372 Guitar AC Strumming Hank Sw 120
Pedal Steel: 370 Pedal Steel Background Hank Sw 120
Guitar 2: 30 Overdrive Guitar

Recorded and mixed with Mixcraft 6.


The Lyrics:


This road ahead seems dark, dull and gray if I have to walk it alone! Will you not walk with me along?

It´s been so long since I´ve been free to choose a way of my own
I’m bound to walk this road, unknown.

Walk of Life, let us walk together
you´ll ease my pain and light my days forever, darlin´

I need your love, come put your hand in mine, my darling so sweet
let´s make this trip so very neat

This road may be so hard to walk but it is the way we must go
let´s go together, love you so!


With you by my side, the hardships we´ll meet we´ll brush so eas´ly aside

we´ll smile as being on a ride , walkin´ the Life here side by side !!!

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