Hi all,

Along with Lady Mysterious, Fly and Matilda, this is our 4th collab with S.A. singer-songwriter Paddy Gobel. This one was entirely written and arranged by Paddy himself, we only did the vocals and the video.
Hope you like it, any comments are welcome.

Rob and Anne-Marie

683 Bass Electric pop half notes push Ev 120
405 Guitar Acoustic strumming ev 120
Drums Nashville even 8^2 side stick High Hat
1697 Pedal steel rhythm country driven 8ths ev150
Percussion loops\loop 124 bpm conga 8ths 4 bar fill at end
1694 FiddleBackground country driven 8ths ev 150
Soloist: Guitar slide Background Easy southern ev 120
We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.

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