Here's a song I wrote a couple of years back. I think I put it on the Forum, but I don't think I gave any info on it, so I thought I'd put it up again to possibly breathe some life back into it. Broke from my traditional format on this tune and used one of the Midi styles

J_Wynt_K Wynton K. (Chord Embellished)
Jazz Brushes

The Next Best Thing

Like Mickey and Minnie
Just like Mac and Cheese
Like chips slathered in dip
Like honey and Bees
Like hot dogs and mustard
Like sugar and cane
Like a buggy and whip
Like Tarzan and Jane

Like nuts and bolts
Like a hammer and nails
Like Pasa and Dena
Like a rainstorm with hail
(Second Verse)
Just like cake and ice cream
and Apple Pie
The Next Best Thing that I know
is you and I.

Like turkey and stuffing
Like Ginger and Fred
Like a good book read by a fire
Apple butter on bread
Like hook or by crook
Like a clef on a staff
Like corned beef and cabbage
Like a joke followed by a laugh

Just Like Geshundeit
right after a sneeze
Like that morning cup of coffee
Like a Bee and his knees

Like an Ace right up my sleeve
Like other fish swimming in the sea
The Next Best thing that I know
is you and me.

Copyright © 2013 Carolyne Swayze