Our new song:

Sometimes you spent weeks composing, arranging and tweaking your song. And then suddenly you finish up your best one (MO) in only a matter of days.
This 70s soul track came very natural in several ways. The Biab style had a very nice groove to begin with. Then there was the, more or less, accidental key signature I tried, that left me lots of space for a falsetto voice throughout the entire song (giving Anne-Marie enough space to create a harmony vocal).
Both the guitar soloists we tried, played way better together than we anticipated. We accidentally let one of them run at a lower volume throughout the final choruses and that worked surprisingly well as an addition to the vocals there. We were also lucky to not mind the mastering volume in Cubase which caused a tiny bit of distortion in the last part of the song, which in turn created that typical soft overdrive sound you may remember to be typical for the last track on each side of a record (long before there were CDs). It's also typical for soul music in general in those days.

Like many of you we watched Pat Marr's beautiful animated BIAB testimonial several months back. I couldn't resist asking him to create an animation for this song, being pretty sure he would come up with something special. Well he did. He also managed to give the lyrics and theme of the song a very original twist.
Creating such an animation takes a lot of creativity, work and even more time. We are very thankful for his hard work!
The program used here is Muvizu. Since it's such a cool program I decided to give it to Anne-Marie for her birthday (which isn't anytime soon laugh ) At the moment we are only scratching the surface, realizing how much work this must've been for Pat!

Go see for yourself!


Style is _DISCO54.STY (Discotheque Funky Disco)

2608:Bass, Electric, ModernDiscoFunkAlex Ev 110
1437:Piano, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovin Ev16 110
2618:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Funk16thsMutedWahWah Ev16 100
1436:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovinMute Ev16 110
2273:Synth, Rhythm DiscoDigiBell Ev 120
1256 Guitar El. Rhythm PopShining Gritty
2305 SynthBackgroundDanceRockTensionPad
RealDrums: SynthDrumsDisco^1-a:Snare, Kick , b:Snare Busy,

We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.

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