I've been in hospital recently and this is my thank you to all the nurses, the cleaner and the lad with the food!! Oh yeh and the Doctor grin
Years back when a Dental student I used to co-write the Xmas reviews at college so I thought I would write one in that style! The stay wasn't such fun but the guy in the next bed and I had some laughs in the days before we were discharged. We were the least ill, thankfully.
To everybody in Anglesey Ward, Morriston Hospital, Swansea, South Wales. They all did a wonderful job, thanks!!
I never want to see that flipping place again eek grin

Bed 9

well she said this wont hurt
its only a scratch
as she showed me the biggest needle I'd ever seen
then she stuck it in my bum
pushed the plunger with her thumb
and I let out one almighty piercing scream
she said c'mon don't be a baby
as i cried out now look here dahling
you ain't the kind of nurse living in my dreams
they are sweet and nice
not a devil with a device
and your only intention is to make me scream
she laughed till she cried
tears running from her eyes
as she tried to regain control of her breath
then the guy in the next bed
made me laugh with what he said
and she said watch smarty pants you're next

life can be a tonic
when you're stuck away from home
lying there with all those other guys
you're in ward E bed 9

why is there always one guy
that sleeps through the day
and shouts and screams when you're trying to sleep
and there's that lucky so and so
who gets a bed bath every day
and there's me over here thinking OI! wot about me
oh no here come the visitors
all with a bunch of grapes
which they eat cos they cant think of a thing to say
that old nosey neighbour
your mates to have a laugh
and your missus checking the insurance's is up to date

life can be a tonic
when you're stuck away from home
lying there with all those other guys
life can be a tonic
with good nurses by your side
you're in ward E bed 9
you're in ward E bed 9

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