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A heartfelt, beautifully sung tribute that,as Pat said, has broad appeal for anyone who has experienced loss ( I`m sending it to my wife as she has been there a few times now with several four legged companions ).
Wonderful interplay between the fiddle (Realtrack?) and your guitar - the intro grabs attention right away.

Thanks Robert. As I Previously mentioned the guitar and fiddle were loops. Tom
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"An empty house, an empty heart
and I can’t find a way to fill this hole"

It can't be said any better than that.
I had a "constant companion" for 15 years - still hurts...you really strike a chord here...

The "generic write" is well done.
Terrific production and mix. The guitar bits are really nice.

Sung from the heart.

A beautiful tribute. I feel for you.

floyd, I usually try to stay away from generic lines but in this case it was a therapy write so I didn't care. I didn't play anything on this one. All loops and real tracks. Thanks, I appreciate it. Tom