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Beautiful song Tom. I know how hard it can be losing a pet, particularly a dog. My daughter wants to get a dog (we have 3 cats) and part of my hesitation is because of how deep the bond is and how painful when it breaks. Sorry for your loss. This is so well done. Love the fiddle. Love what you did with the BG vocals. On the Tom Adams Greatest Hits album, this track would be first or last on one side (for those of us who remember vinyl LPs). Another simply great song!! Take care. Greg
Thank you for all your support. Tom
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What a tribute. There has to be a wonderful place that good dogs go to and we're sure he's happy. We've never been w/o a dog in our 35 years of marriage. Folks either get it or they don't but the most interesting thing about your song is that it is written in a manner that applies to other situations of loss. That had to take some thought...or, heck, perhaps it just flowed out.

It's so easy of us to get lost in the emotional aspects of the song that it's hard to parse it out...but it's all so good -- the vocals, guitar, arrangement and the mix. We will never take for granted Tommyad mixes. The soundstage is exquisite with every track having its place, complementing the other tracks and never stepping on them.

Eloquent and loving.


I knew y'all would get it. The song did flow out,but then I realized it could be more universal with a few small tweaks. Thanks for your kindness. Tom
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This is incredibly poignant. Beautifully done. Love the oohs at the end with the strings. Chill bumps man.
Anytime a reaction includes bird leather (chill bumps) that's a good sign. Thanks David, Tom